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New gigs for former Portland Art Center heads

Gavin Shettler
Gavin Shettler and Kelly Rauer, former executive director and programs director of the now-defunct Portland Art Center, have landed new gigs in the local art scene. Both start their new jobs today. Shettler is creative director for nascent live-work development Milepost 5, and Rauer is working on a special project with the Heidi McBride Gallery and Art Consultancy.

Shettler will be working from home and from the offices of Host, the real-estate company handling sales and rental at Milepost 5. "I'm coordinating with the developers, marketing team, and designers," he tells WW, "and helping develop an artist community here. One of the missions we have is to make sure that this is not just going to be a place you live; is going to have all these different aspects of being able to own your live/work space or have gallery spaces in the complex, plus access to common areas where events can take place."

Shettler was hired over the weekend by Brad Malsin of Beam Development and Ted Gilbert of the Portland Affordable Housing Preservation Trust, the two entities in charge of Milepost Five's development. The two had approached him late last year, when Shettler was in the midst of the spiraling breakdown of PAC. They repeated the job offer when PAC shut its doors in January. (Shettler insists PAC is not dead and buried, but on "indefinite hiatus" and still engaged in long-term projects.) At Milepost 5, Shettler will be on a one-year contract, charged with getting the word out about Phase One (condo sales, slated for move-in three months from now) and Phase Two (rental/commercial space, slated for availability in nine to twelve months) of the live/work project. He will also curate shows in the complex's event spaces.

"I think I bring a passion and vision for wanting to serve the arts community," Shettler says, "along with the connections and networks I've created and the experience working with artist communities at PAC and Everettt Station Lofts. I think it's the perfect match for my skill set-I'm really excited."

Kelly Rauer is working on a freelance project with Heidi McBride, whose gallery space and art consultancy is located on the South Waterfront. It is her first art-related job since PAC closed in January. "I basically spent the month of February regrouping and getting my head back on straight," Rauer says, "but I'm definitely committed to continuing to work within the art community."
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