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K-8 Meeting Tonight: Break Out the K-9 Unit

Tonight at the Rigler School in Northeast Portland, Superintendent Carole Smith of PPS will be listening to parents talk about the successes and failures of her predecessor's K-8 plan. (That's the one crafted by former Superintendent Vicki Phillips, which merged some elementary and middle schools.)

Depending on who you asked and who was doing the asking, the plan was either an effort to improve educational outcomes for kids or save money.

One topic that is sure to be on the minds of Rigler parents is the decision earlier this month to make Rigler, which was a K-5 but was supposed to become a K-8, a new K-7. Follow?

The same goes for Scott, a nearby school that was also an elementary school but is now supposed to be a K-8 school. Next year it will also officially be a K-7 school.

The reasons for these changes have little if anything to do with kids or money. It's all about the space. Rigler and Scott are crowded.

Madison High, way over yonder, is not. So the seventh-grade kids who were supposed to be eighth graders at Rigler and Scott are getting their own "academy" at Madison. It's like when parents divorce. "Your father and I goofed," they tell their kids. "But you're not moving, you're getting a BONUS house, and, guess what, it has big lockers and a full-size track. You_are_SOOOO lucky."

The meeting tonight starts at 6:30 pm and runs until 8:30pm. Rigler School is at 5401 NE Prescott St.

I'm curious to know what else people will be discussing. We already know what's on the minds of some Peninsula School parents.
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