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Parents Television Council tries to kill Dexter

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DEXTER (Season 2)

The Portland Parents Television Council is campaigning to cancel the hit show Dexter from airing on KOIN 6, a CBS affiliate station, on Saturday Sunday. The show, which opened on Showtime for its first season, takes the slant of Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall)—a Blood Spatter Analyst for the Miami Police Department by day, and an infatuated serial killer by night.

Stephanie Snow, head of the Portland Chapter of the Parents Television Council, spoke on the Victoria Taft Show on KPAM 860 talk radio last week about the council's efforts. She estimates that at least a handful of members from each of the 40 chapters across the country have contacted their local CBS affiliate. Snow says the council's biggest concern is Dexter's prime time airing when many young viewers watch television.
“Really it comes down to protecting children,” she says.

Chris Sehring, president and general manager of the KOIN 6 station, says that there isn't enough gripe over the show to do anything.

“This doesn't really feel like it's catching fire,” he says. But Sehring did send a copy of Snow's letter to CBS. “Look," he says, "we live here in Portland, and we are certainly concerned about what our viewers are concerned about. We don't want to do anything to jeopardize our [broadcasting] license.”

The CBS affiliate board member assures concerned Portland parents that if the station sees a growing concern they would “do everything in our power to alert our viewers. That'd be our responsibility.” Alerts would include warnings before the shows airing as well as a mention in the nightly news.

“That's a nice idea,” says Snow, who has yet to hear back from Sehring, “but the big problem is that it still opens a door to allow more graphic material to come on television.” But Sehring isn't fazed and says, in the end, it's a choice whether viewers want to watch the show or not.

“Have you seen the show?” he asks WW. “I think it's very funny.”
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