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Street Walkers: What the Balaclava?

Tags: gay
Street Walkers: Would not give names, ages or occupations.

Time: 11:30 pm Saturday night, Feb. 9.

Place: Southwest Stark Street and 11th Avenue.

Fashion Look: Disco Terrorists

How they got their look: Picked up the idea from The Martha Stewart Show. Applied sparkly diamantes to a couple of ski masks.

What they paired it with: tiny staches, cutoff camo-shorts, white hoodies and sneakers (sans socks).

What they looked like walking down the street: Liberace microphones/walking disco-balls.

Why? The unnamed young gents said they had recently got domestically partnered and wanted to celebrate.

Attention Grabbing Rating? 10 out of 10

Instant Street Critique: "Fabulous," said one. Another comment: "Why, you wouldn't even see that in New York."
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