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LC PODCASTS: Portland Lounge Series XV

lc buttonNew levels of noise! New levels of awkward!

How awesome was last night? You know, how Night Wounds tore up the stage and how Nathan Howdeshell aka Brace Paine used a chain-saw to cut a sleeping bag in half in some sort of symbolic reference to his former noise project to announce Feather Figure was the new frontier for him?

Actually, that last part didn't happen mostly because Howdeshell didn't show up, but Night Wounds truly put on a thunderous performance.

My arrival at Towne Lounge just after 8 pm was marked by many a feeling. Mostly nervousness. My nerves didn't stem so much from not having a clue about what I was doing, but more from the fact that my gig reminder on MySpace to Nathan had gone unanswered, as had my email and subsequent voicemails from the venue.

Everything else went smooth enough. The interview with the 18-year-old drummer of Night Wounds broke new levels of hilarity given my prepared questions were for frontman Toby, the only consistent member of Night Wounds from its formation in Portland, Maine. Quickly thought up questions (often of the yes and no variety) led to one words answers. No reference to Seinfeld comes to mind to characterize the short chat that had everyone in attendance laughing each time a new word was uttered from either of our lips. I often quote movies (Can't Hardly Wait is in my quote Hall of Fame) and songs (anything by LCD Soundsystem). I will be culling future material from our recorded conversation, as it had many quotable moments.

While the conversation was a bit...rough, the music was only rough in a good way. I'm definitely a fan of Night Wounds, especially after its showing last night. But don't take my word for it...




Night Wounds next local shows are at Someday Lounge on the 25th of February and March 4th at Dunes.

Night Wounds
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