Okay, you're almost there. Less than two hours of staring intently at the computer screen and moving your mouse hand around, and you're home free. Let us help:

BLOGS: Out in the Portland blogs, Metroblogging is talking about a class-action suit filed here against one of the biggest ticket scalpers, and Lefty Lane slaps KATU for cutting John Edwards out of its presidential poll (thanks, Jack Bog). Elsewhere, we find that Cloverfield gives wives across America a chance to see their pasty, pathetic husbands again, and that Barack Obama is the scourge of old ladies everywhere.

VIDEO: The Everyday Normal Guy raps about...everyday, normal stuff:

[youtube 5PsnxDQvQpw]

And yes, there's a sequel:

[youtube GmG4X9PGOXs]

Our Queer Window guy goes for this Footloose/Brokeback mashup:

Human Clock
Scientology's reputed No. 2 man
not a bit freaky batshit crazy