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Tu Fawning Announces Plans for Debut EP

tuTu Fawning's Joe Haege took the time to send a manifesto-leaning press release ("written in the lovely industry-tinged 3rd person") about he and Corrina Repp's debut EP as Tu Fawning. According to Haege, the album will be called Secession, and it's on track for a mid-March release via longtime punk-leaning label/institution Discourage Records (home of the Nice Boys). It's also recorded (hold yer breath) by Kevin Robinson of Viva Voce. Bam!

If you haven't caught Tu Fawning yet...well, you should. As you'd expect from two such disparate and inimitable Portland voices like Haege (also of Portland circus rock outfit 31Knots) and Repp (longtime Hush Records solo artist), the music is unique: Spooky, rustic, traditional and futuristic all at once. Few local bands balance the delicate and jarring the way Tu Fawning does. But don't take my word for it (do-do-dooo!):

Demo version of Tu Fawning's "Out Like Bats"

Here's the entire Haege press release. Boom!

Tu Fawning has officially finished the recording of their first E.P., entitled Secession. It was recorded at Amore! Phonics studios by Kevin Robinson, of Viva Voce. Consisting of 6 tracks in all, it ranges from songs that have been floating around on the internet in demo form and other songs recently penned. Their recording of Secession also runs the gamut of songs featuring the original duo of Corrina Repp and Joe Haege to others that introduce new members Liza Reitz and Toussaint Perrault.

Suffice it to say that they were all incredibly pleased with the way the E.P. turned out. At moments it captures a minimal, dark tone that far exceeds the demos and at others it captures a hugeness that the band simply hadn't even begun to attempt. Being so pleased with the recording has set them all on good footing for writing their first full length, which they've started on already.

The "Secession" EP will be released in mid March by local imprint Discourage records. Seeing that they are of the vinyl persuasion first and foremost, the EP will be released initially on vinyl only, with an internet version soon to follow. The leap for a dying medium like Cds hasn't been decided yet. For the vinyl version, however, there will also be 200 limited edition colored vinyl, which is way more fun to think about than stupid Cds.

In preparation for their EP release and a desire to get some more live experience under their belt, Tu Fawning has booked 2 shows:

January 25- Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
W/ Cave Singers

February 8-Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
W/ Talkdemonic and Starfucker

The next show to follow will be the EP release, which will be magical. Unicorns will drop from the heavens and ferries will stroke your arm as you enter the club.


Tu FawningSpace
Tu Fawning on Cut of the Day
Discourage Records

Photo courtesy of the band.
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