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LocalCut's Holiday Comp: The Sneak Preview

album coverI've posted the entire LocalCut holiday compilation, Another Grey Christmas (yeah, it's really spelled that way. I'm half British and got mixed up) over on Virb, which is prettier than MySpace and had less hoops to jump through for signing up. I even got to make the page look festive with relative ease. I can see why YACHT and Dragging an Ox and arty folks like that prefer it over Rupert Murdoch's new toy.

So, point is, if you want to hear the whole compilation before its official release date on Wednesday (when you'll be able to buy it through Boy Gorilla Records, at Tender Loving Empire or at the Willamette Week office), you can listen here.

The following bands and artists are on the comp:
Alan Singley
Tractor Operator
Ben Barnett (ex-Kind of Like Spitting)
Lackthereof (Danny Seim of Menomena)
Jonathan Drews (Dolorean, Loch Lommond)
Eleventeen (Emilie Strange of Tranquilazer/ Jr. Private Detective)
Dragging an Ox through Water
Adam Gnade
Nick Jaina
Kaitlyn Ni Donovan
Jeff Saltzman
Eskimo and Sons
and Jared Mees

The comp is going to be extremely limited edition (100 copies plus promos for the artists involved, etc.), and it's recommended that, if you really want a copy, you pick it up on Wednesday. The proceeds are going to benefit p:ear. I'm sure I'll be saying this a lot in the next week or so, but special thanks to all the artists involved for making this possible on short notice and coming through like champs, Boy Gorillla Records for burning/releasing the comp and being nice, Adam Grano for the fantastic cover art and Tender Loving Empire for all the screen printing and retailing help. I'm amazed that this came together, and it sounds better every time I hear it!
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