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Davis Cup: It's Pretty Much Over

I think a lot of people in the stands for James Blake's match that just finished were starting to have a very bad feeling.
With the US already leading one match to zero after Andy Roddick's win earlier today, Blake, who has been taking a lot of grief this week for not being a "big-match" player, had won the first two sets of his match against Mikhail Youzhny 6-3, 7-6.
Then, things started to get shaky. Youzhny won the third set in another tiebreaker, and seemed to have crucial momentum in the fourth set. I was ready to settle in for a fifth set and watch Blake fall apart, then write a post about how sad and difficult it must be for him to carry around this stigma of not being able to win the important matches.
But Blake turned it around and won yet another tiebreaker for the fourth set, and the US is sitting pretty, up 2-0. Here's the last point and subsequent celebration (these "final points" are quickly becoming my new favorite thing to videotape):
[youtube R-mA1-pgpb0]
I was feeling a little torn about what to root for this afternoon because I kind of wanted the singles matches on Sunday to mean something (the US will clinch after the doubles tomorrow if they win) but it's hard not to be happy for Blake. He said after the match it was definitely the biggest win of his career.
Tomorrow, the nearly-unbeatable Bryan twins, Bob and Mike, are taking the court against whoever the Russians decide to play against them. It probably won't matter. The Bryans, barring some kind of freak injury or storm-of-the-century knocking out power in the building (oh, wait...) should dominate whoever they're playing and clinch the title. The Bryans are the ultimate doubles specialists, and are hilariously, freakishly energetic on the court, constantly high-fiving, chest-bumping, and getting in each others' faces. Here's US captain Patrick McEnroe (John's brother) from the post-match press conference on how the Bryans are feeling about tomorrow:
[youtube Sr57l2i1K74]
It should be a pretty serious celebration on the court if (when) they win.
So it seems like that should wrap it all up, with the US winning it's first Davis Cup title since 1995. Except: When someone asked Russian captain Shamil Tarpischev what the Russians' chances were in the doubles tomorrow, he said something a little mysterious that I didn't quite know what to make of. Here it is, through a translator:
[youtube tgrRFNHUvc0]
What the...? "The ball is round, so anything can happen"? What does THAT mean? What great insights does the Russian captain have?

I guess we should be prepared for anything.

Follow our live coverage of the Davis Cup here.
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