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Band Name of the Week: Kin Keezy

kinkeezyThere have been some real winners when it comes to Band Name of the Week responses. But, let me tell you, last week's BNotW crownee, Portland's own electro-industrial outfit Digustitron, came back with one of my all-time faves. It started with an email from Digustitron's David Ian LiaBraaten with the subject line, "disgustitron love local cut : local cut love disgustitron." I was intrigued. I continued forth to find this lovely little gem nestled in my inbox:

Inside you feel Disgustitron... drum and bass rock and roll baby... like fecal mist the transmissions lay a mind cake of thick digital mold like rock and roll mind control!!

Treble is the new bass.

In a basement in Southeast Portland... Disgustitron is born...

There's just not much more to say, is there? I would, however, like to congratulate Disgustitron on posting two more songs to its MySpace since my razzing it last week for only having one offering named "Kitty" (why is that so funny?). Well, they went ahead and showed me, didn't they? Not just with an awesomely weird, cryptic response, but with li'l tidbits of love and, most impressively, brand new material. Way to go, Disgustitron!

Now, onto this week's winner: Kin Keezy! This nomadic hip-hop outfit—which is pretty freakin' cool but offers virtually no info about itself online—lists a number of locales amongst its MySpace homes, one of which is none other than Stumptown.

Appropriate, considering Kin Keezy's assumed namesake is one of our state's creative icons, Mr. Ken Kesey. I'm not sure if Kin Keezy is claiming some relation (get it? Kin Keezy), but there's gotta be a story behind this here name—and LocalCut aims to get the lowdown. Tune in next week to see if the ol' Keez gets back to us.

Kin Keezy'Space
Ken Kesey on Wikipedia

Image: taken from the band's MySpace.
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