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Google Map of places to drop off your ballot

Ballot Dropoff Map
Now you've done it. You let that long, official-looking envelope sit on your kitchen counter for one day too long, and now it's too late to send in your ballot and be confident it'll get there by the deadline at 8 pm Tuesday, Nov. 6.

No problem: There are lots of places you can drop it off. (What? You weren't planning on voting? Well, you may have a lot of company, but click here for a reminder of the reasons it's important to vote YES on 49 and YES on 50...and yes on 26-93, while you're at it.)

Those fine civic-minded folks at Oregon Bus Project have made it easy for you with this Google Maps mashup of all the ballot dropoff spots in the area. Just click on the map below (yes, right here on this page—the Internet is MAGIC!) for details on the spots closest to you. Your last excuse just disappeared, so grab a pencil and fill in those three dots already.

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