he helped rescue hundreds of people from the building and was recognized as a national hero
Rodriguez is increasingly skeptical
hero of groups such as the 9/11 Truth Commission and the Oregon Truth Alliance
“People call us conspiracy theorists, but we're not,”
accusing them of knowingly failing to act, prevent or warn the public about 9/11
He says he's not “blaming the government,”
“that's exactly our question.”
some of the claims Rodriguez has made about 9/11 don't add up.
Today, he remembers it as a “POW!”
large fireball shot through the elevator shaft,
he was being courted by members of the Republican Party
further investigation of the events
believes he's been sent “on a mission”
He says “it's a burden” and he “hates” doing it.
Rodriguez will be in Portland on Tuesday, Nov. 6,
Berbati's Pan, 231 SW Ankeny, at 7 pm