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Your Daily Dose of Sam

Sam Adams
Mark Mason and Dave Anderson, hosts of the popular drive-time radio program "Mark and Dave" on KEX, thought they were doing something nice for City Commissioner Sam Adams.

In return for Adams' calling their show while he was on vacation, they bought two Internet domain names for him to use during his mayoral campaign: samadamsformayor.com and mayorsamadams.com.
Instead of a nice gift, they may be handing Sam what they now call "a big basket of crap."
Mark and Dave have unleashed all the fury of the Boston Beer Company, which happens to own a little beer brand with the same name as the mayoral candidate.
In an Oct. 17 letter to Dave Anderson, Helen Bornemann, "Intellectual Property Manager" for Boston Beer Company, takes the boys to task over "a matter of serious concern." It seems the beer giant is not too happy that these domain names have been registered:
According to the radio personalities, the beer company is "lawyering up" to try and get the websites handed over. And Mark and Dave are hoping all this won't end up in court. But the time and frustration involved may not be their biggest concerns at this point.
"It's insulting to be called a 'cybersquatter,'" the duo said in a phone interview. "We have family in this town. Our kids are going to be walking around with a stigma."
While they wait for lawyers to work things out, Mark and Dave have taken their fight with the company to the airwaves, and have been staging stunts like pouring Sam Adams (the beer) down a toilet with a microphone nearby.
In retrospect, this whole incident probably could have been avoided. Mark and Dave could have picked domain names that were a little more specific, something like www.samadamstheportlandpoliticianNOTthemegalomaniacalbeercompanyformayor.com.

We're waiting to hear back from Sam Adams (the politician). But one thought does occur to us: He could have just changed his name.
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