Remember, Oregon politicians didn’t make the grown-up decision to legalize cannabis. The voters did that.
  • April 18
77 of our favorite dispensaries.
The Grasshopper is an attractive piece of technology, and a must-have for enthusiasts who can't buy enough gadgets that get you high.
Thousands of patients are without the growers who have provided their medicine for years.
Looking for a copy for this year's Potlander? We can help.
77 of our favorite dispensaries.
  • April 19, 2016
There’s about an ounce of hemp juice in every bottle of Ananda, and it definitely tastes like cannabis, though each $8 container also has grapes, lime and sea salt in it.
We couldn't sample Snoop and Wiz's marijuana strains, so we asked four local musicians about their own favorite strains.
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Where to get a great IPA and some coast-grown OG Kush by the mighty Pacific
Jager smokes like a dank, green fairy, with notes of nori and licorice up front.
OMFGCO stands out by treating cannabis products like any other—as opposed to how they’re so often handled.
Once you leave the shop, things aren’t so great in Oregon.