Check back soon for 2017 event updates! Meanwhile, enjoy this video recap by Dustin Tolman from the inaugural Cultivation Classic! Follow @cultivationclassic on Instagram for updates and announcements about next year's event.

Willamette Week is proud to produce Cultivation Classic, Oregon's only competition exclusively for soil-grown cannabis free of mineral salt fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. By celebrating craft and community within the cannabis movement, Cultivation Classic, presented by WW with Farma, Cascadia Labs, Phylos Bioscience and the Resource Innovation Institute, supports and develops the leading edge of regenerative farming practices in Oregon. The event and awards will take place on May 12, 2017, at Revolution Hall in Portland.

"This competition welcomes growers who can demonstrate a commitment to organic production methods, moving toward a regenerative approach," said Jeremy Plumb, owner of Newcleus Nurseries and Farma dispensary in Portland."This competition regards the quality of the process used, as well as the quality of the product."

Final evaluation of submitted flower will include: growing process, carbon footprint, watershed management and groundbreaking research efforts. Desired product will be soil-grown indoor or outdoor, without mineral salt fertilizer or hydroponic methods. Dry flower only. The full judging panel will be announced in March. Our lab partner for testing is Cascadia Labs.

2017 STYLE GUIDELINES HERE. (Medical and Rec producers welcome; OHA or OLCC licensed. It is mandatory for entering producers to read this document. Please read.)

2017 Awards Categories Include:
+ Best Outdoor CBD
+ Best Outdoor THC
+ Best Outdoor 1:1
+ Best Greenhouse CBD
+ Best Greenhouse THC
+ Best Greenhouse 1:1
+ Best Indoor CBD
+ Best Indoor THC
+ Best Indoor 1:1

March 1, 2017 5:00 p.m. EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR PRODUCT ENTRY: MARCH 31, 2017, 5:00 p.m.
(Your digital application and payment MUST be completed by 3/31!)

Submissions cost $200 per flower sample, and a grower may submit up to five flowers in each category. Much more detail about submissions can be found in the style guidelines document above.

Deliver entered product to Cascadia Labs Portland before April 3, between 10 a.m. and NOON. Monday through Friday.

(Due to unfortunately changed city regulations, the Bend Cascadia location is unable to accept product drop off at this time. Please deliver flower to Portland by Monday, April 3 at 5 p.m. at the very latest.) 

+ Soil-grown flower
+ Regenerative methods
+ Oregon producers
+ OMRI or OMRI equivalent inputs


+ Mineral salt fertilizer
+ Synthetics:
– Pesticides
– Herbicides
– Fungicides
+ Out-of-state producers
+ Edibles and concentrates

2017 Cultivation Classic sponsorship information now available here. Please contact with inquiries.

Jonathan Page, Ph.D., CEO and president of Anandia Labs | Page, a professor at the University of British Columbia, is the first scientist to sequence the cannabis genome and make significant discoveries about THC biosynthesis. With a lifelong interest in medicinal plants and biochemistry, he started cannabis studies in 1999.

Robert Clarke, executive director of BioAgronomics Group | Clarke's travels have led him across Eurasia documenting traditional cannabis production and use. His popular titles include "The Botany and Ecology of Cannabis," "Marijuana Botany," "HASHISH!," and "Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany."

Shane Young, chemical-free pest management specialist of Natural Enemies | As the owner of Natural Enemies, Young focuses on the use of beneficial insects and helping growers transition from chemical use to biological control, helping eliminate chemical use in crops.

Kelly, Josh and Sky, Dragonfly Earth Medicine | Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure is a standard that goes beyond the term "organic" and addresses the full spectrum of sustainable land and production. We look forward to delivering a message that inspires the community and opens there minds to new ideas.

MODERATOR: Eric Brandstad, general manager of Forever Flowering | Brandstad is the leading greenhouse- and growing-efficiency expert in the legal cannabis industry. His goal is to help improve efficiency of light dep greenhouses and to educate growers and investors on how plants react in the greenhouse environment.

Eliza + Nick Mahmood, Green Source Gardens
| Green Source Gardens is a flower-producing family farm whose top priority is responsible and regenerative agricultural practices. Nick and Eliza run an 80-acre eco-dynamic farm in the foothills of Southern Oregon.

Jesse Dodd, Biovortex
| Dodd is the creator of Biovortex, a living conceptual art piece, utilizing the mediums of gardening, soil building, breeding, photography, writing, imagination, social media, conversions and presentations, with the goal of influencing the cannabis industry in the direction of a profitable and environmentally regenerative future.

Courtney Zehring, Tokie Farms | Zehring owns and operates Tokie Farms, a living soil cannabis farm in southern Oregon, and has worked in the field of sustainable agriculture and development for more than ten years. Environmental ethics, land stewardship, and cannabis are her passions.

Chris Jagger, Blue Fox Ag Services | Jagger has been growing vegetables organically for nearly 20 years. He began with a small 1 acre garden and now grows 40 acres of vegetables in the Applegate Valley of southern Oregon. Jaggers main goal is finding ecological solutions for the modern farmer that work in a financially viable manner.

Michael Owens, Canna Cruz Gardens Inc. & Wildcrafted Seed Co. | Based in the Santa Cruz mountains, Owens utilizes native California soil, flora & fauna in a regenerative 'Wildcrafted' practice. An organic cultivation approach that helps to build biodynamic soils, aids plants natural defense mechanisms and greatly increases the medicinal qualities of Cannabis with award winning results.

Chris Van Hook, Program Director of Clean Green Certification Program | Van Hook is a nationally recognized expert on agricultural regulations, organic farming and cannabis. The Clean Green Program has been featured on national Geographic as well as featured by the American Bar Association in the published book "Attorneys in Small Town America." Chris is now certifying both medical and recreational cannabis in California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada and Washington.

Nick Klase, CEO and Co-Founder, Fluence Bioengineering | Klase is a pioneer in the development and implementation of lighting and photobiology systems. His diverse background includes spearheading the world's largest indoor vertical farm, collaborating with hundreds of universities on various photobiology, geosciences and horticulture research projects, and applying that knowledge to develop the world's most powerful and efficient lighting systems for indoor and greenhouse horticulture. Prior to Fluence, Nick was the CEO/co-founder of BML Horticulture, vice president and founder of horticulture at Illumitex, and general manager of Acuity Brands, the largest lighting company in North America.

Judges include growers, brewers, chefs, bakers, artists, athletes and more. Some of our judges are listed here. Some names not published for privacy.
Alex Ganum, Brewer
Andi Bixel, Drip Ice Cream
Andrew DeWeese, Attorney
Camille Messina
Carolyn White, Phylos Bioscience
Cindy Capparelli, Portland Bitters Project
Connie Wohn, First Lady of Hustle
Daniel McAllister
Duane Sorenson, Stumptown Coffee
Emma Chasen, Farma
Jennifer Hudyma
John Bayes, Green Bodhi
Joshua Stroud
Joshua Wind-Smith
Lauren Yoshiko Terry, Writer
Leah Maurer, Yerba Buena
Mark Zusman, Willamette Week
Martin Cizmar, Willamette Week
Megan Marchetti, Oregon's Finest
Meghan Walstatter, Pure Green
Mike Solomon
Missy La Guardia, Yamadori Harvest
Neil Bernstein, Roots Garden Supply
Parker Hall, Writer
Rachel Kurtz, Attorney
Raymond Bowser III, Homegrown Natural Wonders
Resinated Lens, Cannabis Photographer
Rena Lee
Richard G Crommelin,
Ryan Kingsella, Evergreen Cannabis LLC
Shane Yoakam, Suny Cheba
Simone A Fischer, Writer
Tim Ensign, Hop + Vine
Troy Moore, Ideal Farms
Tyler Hurst,
Uncle Spliffy AKA Cliff Robinson, Portland Trailblazers
Will Hyde, Leafly
Wm. Willard Greene, Willamette Week
Wylie Atherton, The Oregonian + Farma
Zia McCabe, The Dandy Wharhols

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