Our Restaurant Guide picks the best restaurants in Portland every October. We hem and haw and fuss to recommend 50 restaurants we think best represent the city.

This is not that list.

Rather, these are five spots we're excited about right now. Maybe that's a taqueria we've loved forever, maybe that's a seafood spot with a special menu this week or a new burger joint we stumbled on Friday night. It's designed to answer that age-old question: Where should we go out to dinner tonight?

Where to eat this week:

1. Rue
1005 SE Ankeny St., 503-231-3748, ruepdx.com.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

Starting the end of December, Rue just kicked off one hell of an oyster happy hour before 6 pm and after 9 pm daily—with $1 oysters, beautifully crisped panisse and one of the best drinks in town: a killer $8 gin and tonic goosed with apple brandy and Bonal. $-$$$.

2. Taqueria Nueve
727 SW Washington St., 503-954-1987, taquerianueve.com.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

After an off visit this summer, a recent visit found T9 in top form, with bright salsas and soul-warming corn tortillas topped with achingly tender carnitas. Stop by. $.

3. Kiva Cafe and Spa
1533 NW 24th Ave., kivateaspa.com.

(Julian Alexander)
(Julian Alexander)

The Summer Breeze acai bowl here literally and figuratively towers over the competition. Whoever figured out that coconut oil can be used as Magic Shell deserves a Nobel Prize. $.

4. Duck House
1968 SW 5th Ave., 971-801-8888.

Jasper Shen's soup dumpling spot XLB will be coming in January to North Portland—but for now, take heart that you can get good Shanghai soup dumplings downtown at new Chinese spot Duck House. $.

5. Afuri Ramen
921 SE 7th Ave, 503-468-5001, afuri.us.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

The new Afuri space is ridiculously impressive—and so is the ramen. The shio yuzu broth is the purest distillation of chicken and fish, the shoyu is deeper than Mishima, and that shiitake broth as rich as most meat broths. Pair them with sake from a very deep list. $$-$$$.