Our Restaurant Guide picks the best restaurants in Portland every October. We hem and haw and fuss to recommend 50 restaurants we think best represent the city.

This is not that list.

Rather, these are five spots we're excited about right now. Maybe that's a taqueria we've loved forever, maybe that's a seafood spot with a special menu this week or a new burger joint we stumbled on Friday night. It's designed to answer that age-old question: Where should we go out to dinner tonight?

Where to eat this week:

1. The Farmhouse PDX
3354 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-432-8115, farmhousepdx.com.

This San Fran-founded Thai spot serves up a few dishes you can’t get better anywhere in town—including a 24-hour pork spare-rib soup that’s monumentally good. $$-$$$.

2. Han Oak
511 NE 24th Ave., 971-255-0032, hanoakpdx.com.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

Sunday and Monday dumpling and noodle nights are more on point than a credit union. $-$$$

3. Bunk Bar Wonder
128 NE Russell St., 503-328-2865, bunksandwiches.com.

Every Friday and Saturday, Bunk Bar Wonder's Josh Luebke is making one of the best burgers in the city: a double cheeseburger with pork-onion jam, fried onions and killer french fries. $.

4. Zilla Sake
1806 NE Alberta St., 503-288-8372, zillasake.com.

Zilla has been getting serious sourcing—including a terrifyingly good Hokkaido-bred scallop. $-$$$

5. Marukin
609 SE Ankeny St., A, 503-894-9021, marukinramen.

(Henry Cromett)
(Henry Cromett)

Hello, summer! There's now cold ramen at Marukin with house shichimi togarashi. $