Beginning Tuesday, January 3rd, you'll no longer have to tip at Little Bird.

Chef/ co-owner-chef Gabriel Rucker and co-owner Andy Fortgang eliminated tipping at Le Pigeon—which tops Willamette Week's list of top 50 restaurants in Portland—in June. Now, he'll use the same policy at their second restaurant, increasing prices slightly to cover the tipping amount, meaning the final cost of eating at the restaurant will remain the same.

The no-tipping trend has spread to several Portland restaurants, including Bent Brick, Park Kitchen and Farm Spirit. Luce, which was declared the 4th best new restaurant in America by food magazine Bon Appetit in 2012—has plans to adopt a gratuity-free policy by the end of the year as well.

In January, the tip line will disappear from Little Bird’s credit card receipts. The purpose is to raise wages for back of house employees, like cooks and dishwashers, as well as servers allow servers to earn a more consistent income with higher hourly wages.