It isn't always a dog's life.

Roxy, a 14-year-old chow-corgi mix, began suffering cluster seizures a little while back. Grover, a 7-year-old German wirehaired pointer, had "really bad" separation anxiety that made him jump through windows. For Peaugee—a 4-year-old pug—the problem was "general health," which is a common problem for pugs.

But at tropic-themed Pakalolo dispensary on Southeast Holgate Boulevard, all the dogs seem pretty happy these days, if a little lazy. And it's for a simple reason: All of them are on CBD, the non-psychotropic, therapeutic drug found in cannabis. Peaugee's tongue happily hangs out of his mouth as he strolls past the house's bright orange walls. And yes, his name really is Peaugee (pronounced pee-YOO-jee, as in P-U-G).

Owners and co-founders Justin and Adrienne Riggs began medicating their three dogs about two years ago, when Roxy started having troubles. The treatment has all but returned her to normal.

"She hasn't had a seizure since," Adrienne tells WW.

Finding the right dosage wasn't exactly a cakewalk, though. "CBD was a new thing back then, so people were reluctant to recommend anything," Justin says. It wasn't until Adrienne reached out to a vet in Washington that they found the right treatment, which had instant results.

The success the Riggs have had medicating their dogs inspired them to sell marijuana dog treats for $35 a box. Pakalolo may make its own brand in the future. Justin noted that he regularly sees vets and animal medical professionals picking up on the trend. The couple do their best to recommend dosages, he says.

"But we're still in the learning process for this stuff," says Justin. So far, the dogs aren't complaining.