2036 SE Belmont St., 503-477-8953, belmontcollective.com. 11 am-10 pm daily.

Belmont Collective makes no bones about its Portland roots. On the walls behind the budtender counter, pictures of Really Old Portland—we're talking the 1800s, when Stumptown was actually full of stumps—are hung in all their cracked and faded glory. You'll probably recognize the distinctive pattern on the carpet, which is an authentic remnant pulled up from the floors of Portland International Airport. Grams range in price from $8 to $15, and for those with the tolerance to handle a bigger punch of THC, $20 oil-infused 1.5-gram pre-roll twax joints hit like a haymaker. Most of the flower comes from Southern Oregon growers, while waxes and resins come from producers that include Clay Wolf Concentrates and Cosmic Treehouse Concentrates, along with pods for the Pax Era vape system. If you need to produce some clean piss in a jiffy, Belmont Collective offers Ürine, a synthetic urine kit for those who aren't put off by the rampant abuse of the umlaut in cannabis product branding.

NEARBY: Lone Fir Cemetery (Southeast 26th Avenue and Stark Street) was the burial grounds for the Oregon Hospital for the Insane in the 1800s. Nothing like burning one during a late-night cemetery seance to wake up your spirits!