Lauretta Jean's 

3402 SE Division St., 235-3119,
Open until 11 pm Thursday-Saturday.

This pie-centric bakery with low light, poured cement floors and a poster advocating weed and Neil Young makes blackberry-raspberry slices filled with tart, pulpy berries that offer up their nectar without losing their personality, and flaky crust that has the soft crunch of high-desert snow.

Victory Bar

3652 SE Division St., 236-8755,
Open until 1 am Thursday and Saturday and 1:30 am Friday.

Long before the 'hood evolved into a foodie disco fawned over by Instagram junkies, Victory was a bartender's bar with a certain genius for combining the pleasures of great beer, well-made cocktails and filling meals under the watchful gaze of gently Orwellian décor. Cocktails aren't anything special but the beer selection is always interesting and a late-night plate of gooey spaetzle is a true delight. 

Petite Provence

4834 SE Division St., 233-1121,
Open until 9 pm Friday and Saturday.

This local chain of four ostentatiously French bakeries originated in Lake Oswego before colonizing Alberta and Division (and The Dalles!). It'll never have the street cred of, say, Little T but offers decadent tarts, rich brioche pastries and spot-on macaroons into the evening.

Landmark Saloon

4847 SE Division St., 894-8132,
Open until 2 am on weekends.

If this honky-tonk were any more authentic, you'd need a concealed carry permit. A cozy bungalow with that high, lonesome sound played by bands like the Rocky Butte Wranglers, this is where denim-clad new-urbanist cowboys drink 24-ounce PBR taller boys and pints of Double Mountain. Leroy's Familiar Vittles, the barbecue cart on the patio in warmer months, does a more than respectable Texas-style brisket served with sliced pickles.

Caffe Pallino

3003 SE Division St., 232-0907,
Open until 9 pm.

If you'd like something cold and sweet without waiting in a long line for a scoop of randomly assembled herbs and berries held together by corn syrup, might we suggest this sparse, modern and vaguely Italian cafe, which makes very respectable gelatos.