The Soft Index

Graphing the unbearable lightweightness of Drake.

Drake contains multitudes. He is, after all, a half-black, half-Jewish Canadian child actor turned ginormously famous rapper. In hip-hop terms, he's quite the unique snowflake. It isn't just his biography: On record, while he isn't above indulging in typical hip-hop braggadocio, he's more likely to rhyme about drunk-dialing his ex and lament failed relationships with an unguarded emotionality most MCs wouldn't dare approach. That openness has made him a polarizing figure in the rap world. In one way, he's boldly redefining masculinity in a genre whose views on manhood are often troglodytic. In another way, he's just a whiny bitch.

The common slag on Aubrey Drake Graham—yes, his real first name is Aubrey—is that he's softer than a newborn deer wearing a cardigan. That's not totally fair. Sure, he's a bit sensitive, but what does that mean in the grand scheme of things? To try and put Drake in perspective, we've compiled the following chart.

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Drake is Softer Than…

Early '90s Ice Cube

Are We There Yet?



LaMarcus Aldridge

A basket full of kittens

Drake is Harder Than…

Mo Williams

P.M. Dawn

Current Ice Cube

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