Salem's Hold on Rent Control

Do you want slumlords? Because this is how you get slumlords ["Out of Control," WW, Feb. 8, 2017].

Rent control is one of those things that sounds convenient but ends up hurting renters more than it helps.

Republicans and moderate Democrats are right to worry how close this is to socialism, as it most often leads to huge disparities between supply and demand.

-—Drew Millegan

We are in a serious housing crisis. I just moved here from Salem, and it took me many months to find a decent place to rent. It seems like rent control is a solid start.

-—Beth Springer

Rent control is so short-sighted and only scores political merit badges. Economists are virtually unanimous in their opposition to rent control.


Don't buy into the "rent control constricts supply and forces up prices for everyone else" argument. If a renter is constricting supply by staying long-term in a rental, then he is also constricting demand by not rejoining the renter pool. Equal offset.


Latinos Priced Out of Market

We have more people wanting to live in Portland than there are housing units here ["Costly Sanctuary," WW, Feb. 8, 2017]. Unless and until we fix that, we will continue to have a large number of people priced out of housing.


Parks Facing Legal Liability

I appreciate trial lawyers' work to compensate victims of negligence, but their arguments here are disgusting ["Adventure Time," WW, Feb. 8, 2017].

A class action suit may be warranted against the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association for cases of childhood diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other negative health effects Portlanders will suffer from as a result of OTLA's discouragement of outdoor activities.


It sounds like we need to speak with our representatives to keep the ambulance chasers from ruining our recreational opportunities.

—Craig Collins

The Cheese Runs Alone

I have a major issue with your best mac-and-cheese list ["Cheese, Pleez," WW, Feb. 8, 2017]. Since the list was based on being stoned, I can grudgingly accept that you left off any health or environmental concerns with those products.

I cannot, however, overlook the inclusion of Velveeta—in the top spot nonetheless! Everyone knows that stuff gives you terrible diarrhea. I have friends who have literally shit their pants on a bike ride after eating that stuff.

As I assume you only took a single bite of everything on your list, I dare you to eat a whole bowl of Velveeta and prove me wrong.

-—Sam Nelson

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