When Powell's mailed President Donald Trump a copy of Nike founder Phil Knight's memoir back in January, Powell's CEO Miriam Sontz cracked that Trump was "a known non-reader."

There's no evidence yet to contradict that claim.

But Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has the onerous responsibilities for for Middle East Peace negotiations and overhauling government,  was spotted at an elite Allen & Co. Media and Technology Conference in Idaho, holding a copy of that very memoir, Shoe Dog, GQ reported Friday.

By some measures, Shoe Dog is an unlikely choice of reading material for a Trump administration official.

Way back in 2015, under the last presidency, Barack Obama came to the Nike campus to talk up his plans for a Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive trade deal that Nike supported and that Trump campaigned against. (By the time the campaign was in full swing, Hillary Clinton was against TPP too.)

And for administration that values loyalty above all, Knight has done his part not to win fans. In March, he criticized the Trump plan for a 20 percent border-adjustment tax.

But as GQ points out, reading a Nike book may be one more signal that Kushner breaks from the Trump administration ranks when it comes to isolationism.