Face it: You're tight, and not in a badass sort of way. You may not go so far as to cut coupons, but you're still downright f-r-u-g-a-l. Good thing we're here to help you out with some dirt-cheap eats.

Three dollars burning a hole in your trousers? Peddle your ass out to Best Baguette (8308 SE Powell Blvd., 788-3098). The slices of marinated pork loin in the barbecue pork sandwich ($2.45) are good, but the real standouts are the more obscure items, like the pork-roll-and-fried-egg sandwich ($2.95), which could give an Egg McMuffin a run for its money. (BP)

No need to check out the menu at Cricket Cafe (3159 SE Belmont St., 235-9348). Although other higher-priced items do look tasty, the deal is a no-nonsense breakfast special served only before 9 am: two eggs, cooked just the way you like 'em, on a thick, crispy bed of hash browns with toast and peppered bacon strips ($3.99). (EB)

Sick of the same old, same old? Sidle up to one of Blueplate's (308 SW Washington St., 295-2583) barstools and check out the daily-rotating menu. A recent Monday dished out a Blueplate Special of cornbread waffles harmoniously sopped in honey butter and maple syrup ($8) and a sandwich special boasting Northwest sliders (two mini burgers with creamy pesto mayo and cheese) with jojo potatoes ($6). (EB)

Elephants Deli may not be quite as spendy as "Whole Paycheck," but it's still expensive. So instead of trotting down to a subpar supermarket deli, stretch your hunger 30 minutes past 6 pm (an hour before closing) and get 50 percent off some of the day's top picks, from Elephants' Southern take on warm (kidney) beans and rice ($2.50 per pound, after discount) to good, old-fashioned mashed potatoes ($2.75 per pound, after discount). Northwest location only. (EB)

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