Hey everybody! WW is partnering up with the Food Cartel and the Portland Mobile Restaurant Group to do what we in Portland do best--eat things from trucks and participate in mildly athletic team activities designed for a child.

PDX Cartathalon I is a scavenger hunt, an eating competition and a race to the finish where one lucky winner will receive free food from participating carts like Big Ass Sandwiches and Potato Champion, for a year. For participating, you receive a "Fill Your Mouth With Sunshine" t-shirt, just like back when. Other participating carts include Flavourspot, Garden State, Koi Fusion and Whiffies.

COMPETE, TRIUMPH! PDX Cartathalon I takes place 11 am Saturday, Feb. 26. $25 per four person team. All ages. To sign up call 445-2764. More info right here. EndFragment