Almost one month after reports surfaced about U.S. Rep. David Wu's odd behavior in October 2010, the Democratic lawmaker continues to do damage control.

This afternoon, the seven-term congressman sent an email message to supporters from his David Wu for Congress account. That email printed below repeats many of the messages Wu has made to television and some print reporters in Oregon. Wu continues to avoid interviews with Willamette Week.

Dear Friends and Supporters:Media reports over the last several weeks have raised some concerns about my behavior last October, my health, and my fitness to serve the people of Oregon’s 1st Congressional District.I couldn’t have won in 2010 without your support, and so I believe I owe it to you to address those concerns directly.Last year, we ran a hard-fought campaign in a tough year for Democrats. These were stressful times, and I sincerely regret some of the things I said and did, all of which you have been reading about in the papers. Losing some good staffers was a strong wake up call for me. I sought out professional help, and I continue to consult with my doctor to ensure that I can manage stress more appropriately going forward.I am in a good place now. I am taking good care of my two children, and they are doing very well. My mother is living with us, and she’s cooking traditional Chinese dishes for the family every night. I haven’t eaten this well since high school.Today, I am working harder than ever to deliver for the people of Oregon’s 1st Congressional District.Nobody in Congress leads like I do on issues like innovation and technology policy, on cybersecurity, and on technical standards that facilitate cooperation between research and business communities.These are wonky issues, but they mean economic growth and high-tech jobs for Oregon.I emphatically can do the job of serving my constituents in the U.S. House of Representatives, and I fully intend to demonstrate that to you – my friends and supporters – in the months and years ahead.It is an honor to serve in Congress. I will continue to work hard every day on your behalf.With warm regards,David