Before you don your favorite troll costume and start celebrating NBC's pickup of Grimm for its fall lineup, here's a sobering shot of reality: Though the pilot was shot in Portland, there's no guarantee the series will be filmed here.

"I have not received confirmation that the show is going to be filmed in Oregon," says Vince Porter at the Oregon Governor's Office of Film and Television. "There was no pre-deal like, 'We promise you we're gonna come.'"

The fairy-tale cop procedural is set in Portland, but that's no guarantee—the WB's canceled series Life Unexpected was set here but shot in Vancouver, B.C. (We actually didn't know it had been canceled until we looked it up today—farewell, Life Unexpected!) Complicating matters further, Gov. John Kitzhaber's controversial proposal to expand tax credits for Oregon film production still faces an uncertain fate in the Legislature, with all credits set to expire after this year if the plan flops.

NBC is expected to announce Grimm as part of its fall lineup Sunday, and after that, the network and producers will decide where the wizard cops will film their full first season.

Porter remains optimistic: "We're going to try like hell to put our best foot forward."