City of Portland parking manager Ellis McCoy, who has been on paid administrative leave since a raid of his office by federal investigators earlier this month, submitted his resignation today. Investigators reportedly suspect McCoy of taking kickbacks from a parking contractor.

McCoy actually submitted two letters, one dated yesterday, the other today. WW reproduces them below.

The Oregonian was first to report the announcement of McCoy's resignation this afternoon.

Resignation letter No. 1:

In the second letter to his supervisor at the Portland Bureau of Transportation, McCoy seems quick to clarify that he is retiring from the city, not merely resigning. Portland's Assistant Human Resources Director Anna Kanwit tells WW the distinction is irrelevant as far as the city is concerned.

The only people it would really matter for would be our sworn fire and police officers," Kanwit says. "We'd still pay him through his last day of work"—today—"and pay for an accrued unused vacation hours.

Kanwit says the distinction is also unlikely to affect his pension.