The 31-day ice cream binge that is Scoops' out for Summer continues...

Alotto Gelato
931 NW 23rd Ave., 228-1709,

Price per scoop: $3
Most popular flavor: Salted caramel
The person in front of me: Ageing yuppie looking for something cold and sweet to eat after a long day of shopping.
Best for: Taking a quick break on a hot summer day

Teens, 20-somethings and ageing yuppies alike stop by this punny gelateria for a cold, sweet reprieve from the lazy afternoon sun. The clean, air-conditioned interior with easy listening music gives the place a very comfortable vibe. A group of greying, middle-aged people take advantage of the limited outdoor seating, waxing poetic with their friends about how the irregular-sized scoops make it an "authentic" gelato shop.

Despite ordering two scoops of stracciatella and only a single scoop of mint chocolate, the ratio in my bowl was much closer to 1:1. But with a bowl practically overflowing with smooth gelato for only $5, there was really only one problem: the tiny plastic spoon-like utensil slowed my efforts to voraciously devour this Italian treat.

Sitting outside as the sun slowly sets, watching herds of people walk up and down the street while they talk their day at work, what they needed today, and where they need to be, Alotto Gelato offers a break from an otherwise busy day. My gelato seemingly understands this. Taking its sweet time to melt while I slowly chip away at it. Forcing me to take the lengthy, relaxing break I never knew I needed. 

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