In today's instalment of Scoops' out for Summer, we visit an Eat Mobile favorite.

50 Licks
4262 SE Belmont St.,

Price per scoop: $4
Most popular flavor: Maple bacon
The person in front of me: A pretty post-hipster girl in puffy orange vest giddy with excitement over the vegan lemon coconut saffron sorbet.
Best for: Completing the litany of sin that would be a full circuit of a bunch of food trucks. 

The post-lunch, pre-dinner lull at the Belmont food truck lot on a sunny afternoon was probably the ideal time to hit up this ice cream cart. Even though the flavor selection on any given day is limited, you don't want to be rushed to a decision. The preternaturally cheery girl dishing out product helpfully presented samples of everything, and while the strawberry lambic offered a compelling sweet and bitter package, as a native Portlander, I had to perpetuate what is assuredly a played-out food meme and get a scoop of maple bacon. 

It is, unfortunately, delicious. The chunks of bacon still have some chew to them and the smoky saltiness balances the fatty sweetness perfectly. If they were smart, they'd use some waffles to make ice cream sandwiches with it and market it as a "breakfast dessert." 

$4 for a scoop may seem sort of steep, but here's the dirty truth: Food carts aren't always value propositions, and face it, eating ice cream is most likely a dietary splurge anyway. The cost keeps the wheels rolling and the diner honest, so don't give it a second thought and lick away. 

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