Shipwreck is communal. It’s for gatherings, for connection. This is fitting, since the strain originated here in Oregon, the hybrid son of wired sativa-heavy Trainwreck and Mothership, an enigmatic strain once fabled to be the strongest bud ever grown. Shipwreck is a wintery sativa, from its icy appearance to a spiritual high that longs for rainy Willamette Valley evenings with loved ones. The smoke is diesel and fermenting grapefruit, clean and dry. I’m not saying it’s tasty, but it’s not unpleasant, either. Insight comes easy, and Shipwreck could instigate deep conversation with the right participants. Pick some up before your next family reunion and you’ll be appreciating—perhaps even loving—your vaguely racist in-laws in no time. Look up in the sky! Go to church! Shipwreck points me toward something bigger than myself.

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