Mother Jones magazine has a timely profile of Scott Lively, a pastor who earned notoriety in Oregon in the 1990s for his work with the anti-gay Oregon Citizens Alliance. He's back in the news for his role in helping create a draconian new law targeting gay Ugandans.

"Lively, a 56-year-old Massachusetts native, specializes in stirring up anti-gay feeling around the globe," writes Mother Jones reporter Mariah Blake. "In Uganda, which he first visited in 2002, he has cultivated ties to influential politicians and religious leaders at the forefront of the nation's anti-gay crusade. Just before the first draft of Uganda's anti-gay bill began circulating in April 2009, Lively traveled to Kampala and gave lengthy presentations to members of Uganda's parliament and cabinet, which laid out the argument that the nation's president and lawmakers would later use to justify Uganda's draconian anti-gay crackdown—namely that Western agitators were trying to unravel Uganda's social fabric by spreading "the disease" of homosexuality to children."

After the 1992 failure of the Oregon Citizens' Alliance's Measure 9, which would have amended the constitution to declare homosexuality perverse, Lively left Oregon for California and subsequently moved on to Massachusetts but he's never stopped pushing an anti-gay agenda.