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Hide Your Children: Phil Busse is Back in Portland


Hot news from the Minnesota desk...

Minneapolis City Pages reporter (and former WW contributor) Bradley Campbell has been doggedly following the unfolding saga of Phil Busse, Yard Sign Thief, ever since the Huffington Post revelations that dragged Busse unwillingly back into the public eye and cost him a visiting professorship at St. Olaf College. Campbell's post-election report contains some exciting news for the city of Portland: Busse is back!
"I'm leaving in 24 hours," Busse says, shortly before the election that got him into trouble. "I need to get out of here before the mob comes at me with pitchforks."

A sensible decision, especially seeing how Portland has traditionally been very good to Busse in times of need.

Even if you're already familiar with Phil's exploits, the City Pages story is a good read, with Busse offering his best excuses for past bungles (on charges of plagiarism: "Had some quotes been properly attributed, there wouldn't have been much of a problem") and an accompanying photograph that is probably a cheap shot but is still highly entertaining.

Also, there's a quote from a student in Busse's media studies course that suggests the former Mercury editor was the Best Teacher Ever:
"I didn't really like him as professor," says freshman Steve Benton, who took Busse's media studies class. "We didn't seem to be learning a lot. And he would turn lessons into stories about himself. It seemed like everything would snowball back to something like his running for mayor. It was a weird class."
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