Here's what readers said about the caravans of RVs the city is now authorized to tow, and the people who live inside ("Zombieland," WW, July 19, 2017).

Adam Robins, via "I live within sight of this strip of RVs. I don't appreciate being used as an excuse by those who would seek to forcibly displace people who are living on the margins and have no realistic options. I am glad to see an article that seeks to humanize those living in this desperate state and afford them a voice to speak to their own experiences."

Hucklebert, via "I wish the media would quit portraying all homeless people as innocent victims affected by the housing crisis. Denying reality is not going to solve this problem…and by the way, people have to decide when they want to get clean…someone else can't do that for them."

Joeb99, via "Why can't we acknowledge that some people living on the streets are mentally ill, some are drug addicted, some are criminals, and some are people who are genuinely displaced due to financial concerns. We're talking about four distinctly different populations here, each with a potentially different 'best solution' for helping them."

Katie Zinsli, via Facebook: "So where should they live, the homeless? It sounds like every option has been and will be taken away under penalty of law…it's definitely become a crime to be homeless."

Chelsea Burgwin, in response: "There definitely should be more help for the homeless. But parking on a residential street is not the solution, and these people should be searching out other options. I feel for them, but still don't want them parked outside my house."

Catie Gould, via Facebook: "There aren't enough beds in Portland for the homeless population. I'd rather them be in an RV then on the street, especially when the weather turns cold in a few months."

Jonathan Howell, via "Build a low-income RV park next to Dignity Village. There's a decent solution. Tag and tow the rest."

Darren Venhuis, via Facebook: "Time to tow, crush and turn them into new cars. Just because they can't afford rent doesn't mean they get to clog our streets with RVs."

Dusty Eppers, via Facebook: "'One of our jobs is to make sure our city is a livable place,' says City Commissioner Dan Saltzman. Well, maybe if apartment costs didn't double or triple in a lot of neighborhoods, or if housing purchase prices weren't triple what they should be, maybe this wouldn't happen."

Gabriel Minchow, via Facebook: "So, tiny homes are in, but RVs are out?"

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