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Be A Blue Box Ambassador

WW Boxes Need You!

We’re looking for readers (individuals or organizations) to support Willamette Week by adopting a blue box! By participating in this program, you can directly contribute to the sustainability and accessibility of local journalism while also gaining visibility for your support.

We’re launching a pilot program with 28 boxes up for adoption this May.

Read the details below, and if you’re interested, please fill out this form if you’d like to Adopt one of these boxes!

Clear out any trash inside the window pane.

Here’s how it works:

You help clean up the box you love the most. This includes removing trash from inside or around the box, removing graffiti, cleaning the window pane, making sure papers are visible in the door (before the box is emptied), and reporting to our team if a box is missing or damaged beyond the aforementioned issues. This can be done with materials from home, or WW can provide gloves, trash bags, and graffiti removal solutions. We will coordinate with you after Box Adoption on this.

What we’ll ask of you:

• If you choose to Adopt-A-Box, we’ll ask you to be a Blue Box Ambassador for a 3 month period. (Our Pilot Program goes from May 15 - Aug 15). After the 3 month period we’ll check in and see if you’d like to continue.

• We ask that our Blue Box Ambassador checks on their adopted box at a minimum, 1/weekly, ideally after our papers are distributed on Wednesday morning. Ideally you’re checking your box regularly throughout the week!

• When checking on your box, we’re asking you to:

Clean any trash in or around the box.

Make sure a paper is nicely visible in the door. (This assumes papers are in the box.)

Email only if there’s significant damage to the box, or it’s gone missing. Significant damage would be: a broken window, box parts missing, box itself is missing, box has been smashed, significant new graffiti or stickers.

We do not expect you to clean graffiti or remove stickers, but if you’d like to - readers would be grateful! Here’s what we’ve found works best for this type of cleaning.

How we’ll know how your box is doing:

• Our circulation drivers will be checking on your boxes during their weekly driving routes. We’ll get updates from them.

• We do not expect (and can’t handle) weekly communications about your box. We only expect to hear from you if something is really damaged!

• 6 weeks into your Adopt-A-Box tenure, and again when it concludes in Mid August, we’ll send you a note asking how things are going. At that point, we’ll want input on your experience, your box and anything else you may want to share to make this program stronger.

What’s in it for you?

• Willamette Week swag mailed to your door!

• Invitation to our next Friends of Willamette Week (FOWW is our membership program) gathering with select WW staff members. We host gatherings quarterly.

• A feature on WW platforms (social, FOWW Newsletter, WW Print) demonstrating your participation (only if you are ok with this!)

• Knowing you’re a force for good in your community, by helping folks get better access to local journalism.


Please identify a box you’d like to Adopt from the list below, then fill out this form.

Blue Boxes up for Adoption

Note: all boxes are outside. Businesses and intersections listed are for proximity reference.


  1. 1150 SE 12th Ave | Good Coffee
  2. 1122 SE Hawthorne Blvd | Burgerville
  3. 6535 SE Foster Rd | Five & Dime
  4. 2137 E Burnside Ave | Biketown Rack
  5. 2880 SE Division St | Division Street Food Carts
  6. 3400 SE Hawthorne Blvd | 34th Hawthorne
  7. 3601 SE Hawthorne Blvd | 36th & Hawthorne
  8. 6839 SE Belmont St | Coquine
  9. 7800 SE 13th | Sellwood Library
  10. 7987 SE 13th | Grand Central Bakery
  11. 7901 SE Stark St | Bipartisan Cafe
  12. 2735 E Burnside | Laurelhurst Theater


  1. 1500 NE Alberta St | 15th & Alberta
  2. 3000 NE Alberta St | Alberta Theater
  3. 2329 NE Glisan St | Meatballs
  4. 3000 NE Killingsworth St | 30th & Alberta
  5. 1504 NE Broadway | McMenamins
  6. 15TH & NE Broadway | Peet’s Coffee


  1. 5101 N Interstate Ave | Satellite Tavern
  2. 3920 N Mississippi Ave | Stem Wine Bar
  3. 3753 N Mississippi Ave | Biketown Rack
  4. 3100 NE Alberta St | Alberta & 31st
  5. 4440 NE Fremont | Grand Central Bakery
  6. 1625 NE Killingsworth | Podnah’s Pit BBQ


  1. 2300 NW Lovejoy St | 23rd & Lovejoy
  2. 2330 NW Johnson St | 23rd & Johnson
  3. 1717 NW 23rd Ave | Pine State Biscuits
  4. 838 NW 23rd Ave | Salt & Straw

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