Goonie Events in Astoria on June 5-7, 2015

Shot in Astoria Bus Tours

This will be what most people who came down to Astoria for Goonies are actually excited about doing: touring the spots where The Goonies (and other movies) happened, with a Goonies superfan (or employee of the city) actually telling them what happened there. Mouth's house, the bowling alley, the car chase and

the docks. You can do this on your own with our tour on page 16, or ride one of these buses for $35 so you can be tipsy the whole time and not have to park. But for this one weekend, the actual Goondocks house, Mikey Walsh's, will actually be open to the public. So you can go up into the attic and such and pretend. Tours June 5-7. $35. Tickets at

Goonies Block Party

The city of Astoria is shutting down 9th Street downtown for the sake of The Goonies' decade, with a DeLorean on display for some reason. Eighties, man! After 8 pm, the party moves inside to the event center, with a dance and a DJ and such, and a band called 1984 that plays things from approximately 1984. There will be prizes for the people who played dress-up, and a Truffle Shuffle contest, whose winner will lead a group truffle shuffle at Warren Field on June 6. Astoria Event Center, 255 9th St., 791-5843, Noon-2 am Friday, June 5. $15 tickets at

Behind the Scenes with The Goonies

A presentation by various loosely associated, Goonies-related people: Goonies "kid wrangler" Mark Marshall, Sloth stunt double Randell Widner, Goonies book author Mick Alderman, and retired Astoria policeman Paul Gillum. Tickets are $20 at, with multiple presentations throughout the weekend. Astoria Event Center, 255 9th St., 791-5843, $20 tickets at

Fort George Truffle Shuffle

Fort George will tap Truffle Shuffle Stout. Stout because Chunk. Get it? Fort George Brewery, 1483 Duane St., 325-7468, Friday, June 5. 11 am-midnight.

Ecola State Park Tour

Patrick Lines, retired Oregon parks ranger, was on the set during the filming of The Goonies at Ecola State Park and Haystack Rock way back during the heady days of '84. He'll share stories about Hollywood people not knowing much about Oregon weather, at various times throughout the weekend. Ecola State Park,

84318 Ecola State Park Road, Cannon Beach. 6-8 pm Thursday, June 4; 2-4 pm Friday-Saturday, June 5-6; 9:30 am-1:30 pm Sunday, June 7. Free; day-use parking fee applies.

Farewell to Warren Field

Because of a funny agreement with the next-door hospital, John Warren Field, the site of Andy's cheerleading practice in The Goonies, will no longer be the home of the fighting Fishermen. It will be the home of people fighting liver disease and such. So to commemorate the end of all cheerleading in Astoria that

matters, there will be Cyndi Lauper covers, and bluegrass (which is how America celebrates sadness), and an XRAY.FM DJ set featuring from former Willamette Week music editor Casey Jarman, and also what organizers claim to be the largest HD screening of The Goonies, like, ever. Ever! John Warren Field, Exchange Street between 18th and 20th streets. Saturday, June 6. 6 pm. $10. All ages.

Cosmic Bowling

Chunk! If you want to hang out with Chunk, who's now skinny and successful and very affable and whose actual name is Jeff Cohen, you hang out here, in the bowling alley where he smeared the pizza against the glass (see page 16). He showed up on the 25th anniversary, anyway. But don't smear crap on the windows, please. It took them forever to clean up after the last time. Lower Columbia Bowl, 826 Marine Drive, 325-3321, 9:30 pm-midnight Friday-Saturday, June 5-6. $12.

Goonies Trivia Night

Baked Alaska is the obligatory "nice place" in town, with the ribs and the steaks and the crab cakes. The bar attached to the restaurant has Goonies trivia. Baked Alaska, 1 12th St., 325-7414, Friday, June 5. 7 pm. Free.

Pirate Bash

Um, pirates! And boats! At a museum devoted to boats! There will be a "drunk tank" themed after One-Eyed Willy, a pirate costume contest and "grog" at a cash bar, but don't get too riled up: The Coast Guard hangs out here. And they're sort of surly. Columbia River Maritime Museum, 1792 Marine Drive, 325-2323, Friday, June 5. 7-9 pm. Free.

Growing up Goonie with Jeff Cohen

Jeff Cohen, aka Chunk, will talk about his days as a Goonie. Now thin and a successful entertainment lawyer, he won't sign autographs, but will likely tell stories about a Hawaiian shirt being crappy for Astoria weather, and how hard it

was to get the pizza slice in the right spot. We know, because we talked to him, too. See our oral history on page 14, or a full Q&A with Jeff Cohen at Liberty Theater, 1203 Commercial St., 325-5922, 10:30 am Friday-Saturday, June 5-6. $23.

Truffle Shuffle 5K Run/Walk

Any run themed for Chunk, we suppose, has to allow the walking. Cannon Beach, near Tolovana State Recreation Site. Sunday, June 7. 9 am. $20 registration at

Goonies Scavenger Hunt

A geocaching crew has put together a treasure hunt for the weekend, for geeks with the smartphones. Go to to get your invite.

Lego Goonies

The VirtuaLUG online Lego group recreated Goonies sets out of Lego—from Mikey's house to the hideout to parts of the caves. They'll be on display all weekend. The jail's in the wrong spot on the set they made, sure, but when you have a Lego Data ziplining to a Lego Goonies house, and a Lego pirate ship sailing out of a sea cave, the little things cease to matter. This will be on display at the Astoria Armory, which doubles as the event center for all things Goonies in town. Astoria Armory, 1636 Exchange St., 791-6064, Free.

Boat Ride With Sloth

You totally can't do this unless you're already doing this or find a ticket scalper online, but just in case you get lucky: Some people will be riding on an old boat with Sloth, or at least Sloth's stunt double—alongside the actor who played evil golf-course developer Elgin Perkins—telling stories and such while the mighty sea turns your stomach. But the boat, the Lady Washington, is not the boat from The Goonies—that boat's been scrapped. It's from one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Oh well. Just know that if you see a pirate ship Friday evening, Sloth might be there. Friday, June 6. 6 pm.

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