Portland Gear Founder Marcus Harvey likes to keep things simple. But that may be changing.

He launched his brand with a few calculated risks. First, he bought up the @Portland Instagram name, then he revamped an old Volkswagen Bus as his first retail location. Even now that he's featured as the biggest local designer at Chinatown's Compound Gallery and he's collaborating with top Portland brand Jaefields, Harvey is sticking to his business model: simple designs, involved branding.

Portland Gear's newest local venture fits the mold—it's a $60 cotton poly-blend T-shirt with one word written across the back: Portland

To create a shirt that is 100% city-centric, he teamed up with his officemate and close friend "Wookie" from Jaefields. The two put together a shirt that fit in both of their fall look books, pushed it in their retail locations, online shops and on their city-famous Instagram accounts.

Soon, Harvey will be breaking the mold by expanding and diversifying. Searching for a new brick and mortar location in Portland, he's also planning on launching his line in Seattle and San Francisco.

Here is a look at the "Portland Gear X Jaefields" Collaboration Party at Oldtown's Prospect215 boutique last week, where Harvey's bus made a pit stop to show his localist line before it moves on.