Critic's Grade: D

Dating is hard, not sure if you've heard. It's especially hard for four single women in New York who are, like, different kinds of single! Like one of them is promiscuous and free-spirited (Rebel Wilson of Bridesmaids), one is the having-a-baby-alone type (Leslie Mann of Knocked Up), one is single for the first time (Dakota Johnson, on the receiving end of the whips in 50 Shades of Grey), and one has a spreadsheet of potential husbands (Alison Brie of Scream 4, apparently). This movie is not aimed at me, a married man. It's aimed at rich women in New York with a perfect apartments and great jobs they never have to attend to, and whose only problem is too many charming men falling in love with them. A couple of the jokes work, others are like "Italian dicks probably look like cannoli." And those are mixed with epic speeches about how hard dating is. Rated R.