You know you've really done something right when the Men's Rights Activists on conservative blog Breitbart start calling you out by name.

In that regard, Amy Miller, our first-ever winner of WW's Funniest Five poll, has finally made it.

In a totally even-handedly titled piece called "ComedyGate: Progressive Comedians Trying to Get Comedian Mike David Booted Off Social Media," Allum Bokhari writes:

The comedy scene is being terrorised by a clique of hyper-progressive, politically correct comedians intent on purging their ideological opponents and rivals from the industry….The latest controversy began when Portland-based feminist comedian Amy Miller started to harass the fans of Red Bar Radio during an online debate about diversity.

Mike David is the host of the podcast The Red Bar Radio Show. According to his Twitter bio, he is "[c]urrently being defamed by SJW comedians @cameronesposito & @amymiller." ("SJW" stands for "social justice warrior" in conservative blogspeak.) His avatar is a drawing of a white dude bleeding like he just got the shit beat out of him.

Allegedly, David is a comedian, though reading through his tweets, there aren't many jokes. Instead, there are a lot of references to his beefs with Miller and Cameron Esposito, a well-known comic. He seems mainly to be a professional arguer.

David's current fixation on Miller apparently began when another comedian, Broad City consultant Phoebe Robinson, posted a picture on Facebook of a crowd of white people and wrote: "LOL. Scared white people at the GRAMMYs during Kendrick Lamar's bold performance." David took offense, telling Robinson to "stop hating whites." Miller, along with several angry white men, jumped into the post, and when the thread turned heated, Miller allegedly made vague threats about contacting people's employers.

At that point, David alleges Miller started "attacking" him. According to Breitbart, "Miller embarked on a crusade to target his revenue streams and suspend his social media accounts." David tweeted an email, supposedly from Miller, directed to the site that hosts Red Bar Radio, urging them to drop the podcast. He says she also contacted Facebook and YouTube in an attempt to get him banned.

Miller says the harassment went the other direction.

"He photoshopped an entire email, posted stuff out of context," Miller writes in an email. "And in general took advantage of a climate of a lot of anger towards social media companies over censorship to try and frame this as anything more than me trying to protect myself from his crazy fans who were coming after me."

She says it went way beyond standard online trolling. "People should understand, when I say 'coming after me' I don't mean Tweeting mean words," Miller writes. "I mean threats, posting my personal info like my home address, direct email threats, contacting my job and venues where I have gigs coming up."

Miller isn't the only person who David has targeted. According to tweets by Esposito, he's been at this for a while:

Michael Ian Black also tweeted:

So, another day on the horrible internet.

Mike Acker helped report this story.