Portland comedian Nawwal Moustafa knows about the particular sadness of ending a lesbian relationship.

"I was in a typical, too committed too soon kind of relationship," she says over email. "And we realized we were better as friends."

But she also saw humor, and potential, in her heartbreak. According to her Kickstarter, "after realizing the comical nature of my own lesbian breakup," she decided to create an adult coloring book to help herself and others process the fraught landscape of lesbian uncoupling.

Her coloring book, Chin Up, Dreamboat! A Coloring Book for Lesbian Breakups, includes scenes of sadness at work, the melancholy of shopping for one, the horror of "dating yourself" and the ennui of the unanswered text.

Those #breakup moments, you know? #ohwowyes @buzzfeeddiy @buzzfeedlgbt @bff check out #chinupdreamboat

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"I wanted to take time an create something from the stories I heard of friends' breakups and my own," Moustafa says. "And make something people can relate to."

If her Kickstarter is any indication, she has succeeded. So far, her project has raised $6,160, well over her goal of $1,200.

The lesbian breakup, it turns out, is pretty universal.