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The Human Behind the Dog or Food Meme Is From Portland

Corgi or bread?

In a twist that should surprise absolutely no one, the woman behind the newest internet sensation, cute animal or food item, is from Portland.

This is, after all, the birthplace of #SocalityBarbie and the adopted home of Moshow the Cat Rapper. So it stands to reason that Karen Zack, known on Twitter as @teenybiscuit, has come up with the newest meme to set the world on fire: juxtaposing pictures of food with animals that look like that food.



Zack, a "media production workhorse and aspiring account strategist" according to her website, has reached the kind of instant internet fame that pre-teens dream about.

Wait, here's another one:

Zack's culinary pet artwork has been featured everywhere from NPR to BuzzFeed to MTV News. Question: How do you feel about guac and parrots?

Not one to be hemmed in by rules of her own making, Zack has expanded the scope of her meme-ing to include objects beyond food. Like, say, mops:

What will Zack tackle next? Only time will tell. In the meantime, follow her on Twitter to feel frequent sprinkles of joy in your brain. Maybe, just maybe, @teenybiscuit's cuteness is the antidote to Donald Trump.