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If you consider abortion murder, don't watch Trapped.

If you haven't heard about abortion-trap laws, you must not have a uterus. Some conservative states' legislatures are trying to roll back Roe v. Wade by passing laws that are impossible for clinics to comply with. They frame these laws as "helping women," but they make it harder for women to get legal abortions. As one anonymous interviewee in Trapped says: "People are going to find a way." This movie comes through the perspective of health care providers who are struggling tirelessly to provide women with safe abortions. So, if you consider abortion murder, (a) you're wrong and (b) should probably sit this one out unless you want to see your brethren act like dicks. If you're of a different mind, decide whether or not to watch based on how angry you want to feel. Does the sight of Rick Perry taking away women's rights incapacitate you with sadness, or does it fill you with righteous rage? If the former, don't watch. If the latter, watch and be inspired to do something. Not Rated.

Critic's Grade: B+