Portland's Got [Elijah] Wood

Elijah Wood is in town filming a movie! Send us your pics!

Earlier this month, we reported that a studio was looking for body doubles for Elijah Wood and Melanie Lynskey for an untitled movie they were set to film in Portland. Well, as is frequently the case with time, it has marched on and now, Elijah Wood is in Portland! How do we know? We've seen the pictures! We've read the Reddit threads!

Melanie Lynskey, the movie's other star, has also been spotted in town, according to Twitter.

The movie is an as-yet-untitled project from Macon Blair, who has actor, writer and producer credits on IMDB but no director credits yet. But according to the Instagram account of what appears to be the child star of the film, Michelle Moreno, he is directing this one:

Have you seen Wood or Lynskey around town? Let us know! And if you are Wood or Lynskey and you want to hang out with me, you can email at lacker@wweek.com. I will take you to my favorite place in town—my brother's house to hang out with my baby niece. It will be fun and chill and we can be friends forever.