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The New Elijah Wood Movie Is Filming in NoPo Tonight

Macon Blair's next film is shooting in North Portland this weekend.

Macon Blair's new film starring Elijah Wood is filming in North Portland tonight and tomorrow.

Whether Elijah Wood will be there isn't clear, but there will be exploding fruit.

The crew is shooting a party-crashing scene that involves blowing up a watermelon with a potato gun, according to the film's locations manager, Dan Eason.

"There will be small pyrotechnics," Eason says. "We've notified the neighborhood."

Neighbors thought the crew was already filming late last night, because multiple gunshots were heard in the area. On a discussion in the St. Johns Facebook group, some residents said they called the police. Others complained that film crews obviously don't need to sleep.

That wasn't Hollywood, that was probably just gunfire by the rail bridge, says Portland Police Bureau spokesman Pete Simpson.