Fill your mug and gird your loins, the Twin Peak reboot just wrapped.

25 years after David Lynch drenched air waves with his nightmarish Log Lady and made Laura Palmer's untimely death the hottest news, the cult classic is back.

Since October 2014, the hype has been a roller coaster of snags like David Lynch tweeting that he was out and the 2016 start date getting indefinitely delayed. Now, Lynch and Mark Frost are signed on, CBS confirmed that 2017 will deliver, and this week the cast list dropped.

The gang's not all here. But Catherine Coulson does show up as the Log Lady, post-mortem, since the actress died last September at age 71. And Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried and Michael Cera bring the blonde. Then, there's Jim Belushi. Here's the full list.

If you need a fix now, Dance of the Dream Man: A Twin Peaks Story is a dance-theater-burleque hybrid inspired by the show, playing at Portland's Headwaters Theatre through the end of the month. Read about it here.

Dance of the Dream Man
Dance of the Dream Man