"3rd Street Blackout" Is a Romcom for Tech-Savvy Yuppies

Negin Farsad's millenial comedy follows NYC lovers through a blackout.

For tech-savvy yuppies, Hurricane Sandy was a life-changing experience. Not because they lost their homes, but because they had to return to strictly analog interactions.

Written and directed by and starring Negin Farsad and Jeremy Redleaf, the story follows Mina and Rudy, a couple who have just moved in together but get separated during the blackout. While you may not know what a "two-Roku household" means, everyone can relate to their confused adaptation to a week without cell service. Mina is a refreshing take on brilliant, potty-mouthed heroines, terrified of "accidentally taking a dump onstage" during her TED Talk.

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As Mina and Rudy play cards with neighbors and rap freestyle by candlelight, there's enough warm fuzziness to light up the East Coast, but the sentiment drags down the comedic timing of Farsad's snappiest jokes.

Not Rated

Critic's Grade: C+