The sea has become a little more existential since Nemo got found.

For thirteen years, the entire world anxiously awaited Pixar's sequel and the return of Ellen as the forgetful Dory. This time, Dory is on a quest to find her family.

The Nemo clan's all here—the SoCal sea turtle still stoned—plus the introduction of a likable, pessimistic octopus named Hank (Ed O'Neill) and catty sea lion (Idris Elba). The film keeps its Nemo charm and comedic voices while offering a more serious tone for Pixar's message: We are all special, in our own way.

You can sway to the singing sting rays, 3-D giggle at a nearsighted hammer-head shark and appreciate the humor in fish residing in a rehabilitation center for "sick" sea-life. There's tears to fill a tide pool, wit to keep adults amused and laughs for any audience with a short attention span.

Rated PG.

Critic's Grade: B+