The Shut-In Rocker Who Wins for No. 1 Dad

He is rich in money and T-shirts, but full of bitterness. "Len and Company" though, is full of love.

A famous rocker-turned-music producer named Len (Rhys Ifans) retires from his hard-rocking glory days and reverts to a shut-in lifestyle. Director Tim Godsall's familiar comedy-drama follows the burnout, his sensitive son Max (Jack Kilmer), and a pop-star train wreck named Zoey (Juno Temple), who lives with them, as they navigate relationships worthy of love-song lyrics.

The funnier moments involve Len awkwardly interacting with society, like his career-day speech acknowledging he is rich in money and T-shirts but full of bitterness. Through the basic storyline and predictable father-son onscreen tiffs, Ifans and Temple embody the fatigued musicians usually seen on TMZ covers and entering hospitals for "exhaustion."

Not Rated. Playing at Cinema 21.

Critic's Grade: B.

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