After 24 years in its East Burnside location, Imago Theatre will close its building at the end of this season.

The theater is an old Masonic Lodge around the corner for Le Pigeon that the owners purchased in 1982 and converted into a 200-seat venue.

The space currently houses Imago and another Portland theater company, Third Rail Repertory. Both companies will finish their scheduled seasons and plan to continue staging shows after the building closes. Neither have said where yet, and Imago did not comment on future plans for the building, located at 17 SE 8th Avenue.

(courtesy of Caitlin Lushington)
(courtesy of Caitlin Lushington)

In an announcement on Tuesday, July 12, Imago owners Carol Triffle and Jerry Mouawad explained that they, "made a difficult decision to sell the facility to be able to focus more deeply on their art work and spend less time on facility management."

"Imago will remain highly active in Portland and internationally," wrote Board Chair Molly Little in the press release.

Imago is known for its internationally touring Zoo Zoo and Frogz shows, which the New York Times and USA Today both wrote nice things about.

"Leaving our current home is difficult, but the trade-off is worth it as it will allow us to grow and explore in our journey of theatre in even more ways," says Triffle.

The last shows of the 2016-2017 season (and the foreseeable future) are Hugh and La Belle this year, Medea in the spring, and Bye Bye Clara will close out the season, and the theater, next July.