The Oregon Department of Transportation created their own off-brand Pokémon characters as part of a safety campaign. "Safetymon Go" isn't a good play on words—but the drawings they created are pretty cute, and they very much look like Pokémon.

Using the very same means of distraction that's diverted the attention of thousands—especially in Oregon—over the past couple of months, ODOT will encourage kids to watch where they're going.

They're got punny names too. And hey, catching 'em all just means being safe, unlike what can happen when you play Pokémon Go.

Bulbasafety has a traffic light growing out of his bulb, and with a smile on his face, reminds people to follow the rules of the road.


Safetoise says everyone should look "left-right-left." (His name is actually Squirtle, but he's so cute, we don't even care.)

Here's the rest.

"Safetepi:" Buckle up for every trip.

"Safetychu:" Slow down in school zones.

"Safetykarp:" Be aware of your surroundings.

"Safeteevee:" Pick a safe route to school.

"Safetyzee:" Don't drive drowsy.

"Psafetyduck:" Always wear a helmet when you are riding your bike!